Inspire Change

Can you picture yourself buying tickets for an event – a party, a girls’ night out, a seven-course dinner, even a tropical vacation – without knowing where it takes place or who you’d meet?

Crazy, right? Well… maybe.

So, who does that? What kind of person throws caution to the wind and walks into uncharted territory… who thrives when the boundaries of their comfort zone are tested… who embraces failure as heartily as success? Who, instead of asking ‘Why?”, asks “Why not?”

Irresponsible? Not hardly.

It’s this person who brings the following to the table: a strong sense of self and love of adventure, and a determination to live life fully, ensuring that everyone who crosses his/her path does the same.

It’s someone who is willing to brandish a sword and run toward the battlefield of her community, taking on apathy with little regard to the way things have always been done.

It’s someone who’s comfortable fighting for other people to have access to things he takes for granted, like fresh food, clean water, affordable housing, and arts programs.

It is those who bring open minds to discussions which challenge everything they know about their world.

It is one who is resilient enough to return to that same table – that community forum, that town hall, that school board meeting – and raise that sword, over and over again.

Most importantly, it’s someone who loves this community and her people, and who insists that we all live our best lives.

Someone whose purpose is to INSPIRE CHANGE.

THAT is who you’ll meet at #popupaugusta. We are becoming the change that we want to see in Augusta. We look forward to taking this journey with you.

(it goes without saying, though, that we know how to throw a pretty sweet party…)